GOOD Growth Engine – A Model for Accelerating Growth

Goal Oriented, Opportunity Driven: G.O.O.D Growth Engine – our proprietary methodology for driving growth in your organization.

Are you clear on your growth targets but not sure how to get there? Are your sales and marketing teams working effectively together? Are there clear metrics in place to measure progress and effectiveness of your customer acquisition channels? Are you taking advantage of the customers you do have to drive word of mouth and refer others?

Are you missing opportunities to get ahead of the competition, generate buzz and drive growth?

Often what’s needed most is a clear and consistent program based on clear and measurable goals that is flexible to capitalize on opportunities in the market. If you pivot, your growth engine needs to shift as well.

The team at Make Good Social utilizes a proprietary methodology (what we call our G.O.O.D. Growth Engine) to analyze your business, your market segment, your customers, and collaborate with you to develop and execute clearly defined goals that are opportunity driven.

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Services we provide:

  • Revenue Optimization and Growth Opportunity Audit.
    • What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
    • Where is the sweet spot for growth and revenue?
    • Are you missing opportunities to reach your customers and what is your current ROI?
  • Marketing Strategy and Revenue/Growth Plan.
    • How will you reach and influence your customers and/users?
    • What channels do you need to be using (or using more effectively)?
    • How will you manage, measure channel effectiveness/ROI, and improve?
    • What are your goals and how will you monetize your efforts?
  • Sales and Revenue Audit.
    • Where is your revenue coming from?
    • Are you missing opportunities to boost your profitability, close deals faster or at a higher price?
  • Sales Strategy and Revenue Plan.
    • How will you build and sustain a healthy pipeline?
    • What can be done to shorten the sales cycle?
    • How will you manage, measure and improve?
    • What are your goals and how will you monetize your efforts?
  • Sales Execution
    • Outbound/direct sales programs
      • We work with what you have + add our resources as needed to create the optimal process for developing and optimizing your pipeline, shortening sales cycles and closing deals
      • We’ll collaborate with marketing to produce compelling campaigns and programs designed to target the “right” buyers with the “right” message at the “right” time.
    • Inside sales management, CRM integration and customization and marketing automation
      • We’ll add to your team, or take over managing existing inside sales teams to ensure they are targeting the “right” buyers to drive meetings and build an opt-in database
      • We’ll help you set-up, modify and/or integrate CRM and marketing automation products that fit the business need
    • Sales performance measurement
      • We’ll help you ensure the proper metrics are in place to measure critical KPIs and provide an executive dashboard to display key metrics relevant to the business, pipeline, opportunities, customer acquisition costs, close ratios and deal size so we can make actionable decisions to impact growth and optimize performance.

To learn how the team at Make Good Social can help you use sales outsourcing to drive revenue and user growth, contact us for a consultation today.